100 years of history, experience and passion for bicycles

Daily Schiano srl perseveres its work following those values of loyalty and coherence handed down from its founder, Mario Schiano, who with his stubbornness of a young 21 year old founded in Frattaminore (Naples), our Company, the only one that today is able to boast of many years of uninterrupted activity. From grandfather Mario, passing to Antonio and Giusi, until to Teresa and Mario, love and dedication of our family to the world of two wheels remain unchanged, adding to this the desire to promote the bicycle to respect and appreciate nature with its most intimate landscapes. Our creative imagination follows these ideals: carrying on to think, to plan and to create our quality bikes, with the same enthusiasm that led “Grandfather Mario” in 1923. The collection, revisits the past with the vintage bicycles, a synthesis of style and comforts, and looks to the future, with the racing bike in fiber of light and swift carbon. All that one without forgetting children, so the Company has created Schiano Kids line with high quality standards to meet all their wishes and make their world even more fantastic.

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